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Wild Slough British Lab Breeders in Minnesota |Frequently Asked Questions

At Wild Slough, LLC, we believe it is important for people interested in purchasing one of our Labrador puppies to be as informed as possible about not only the lab pup they are purchasing, but how our purchasing process works and our British Lab puppy guarantee. We have provided answers to some Wild Slough British Lab FAQs below and are happy to answer further questions via e-mail or by telephone at 612-327-2898.

How do I Reserve My Spot for a British Labrador Puppy?

In order to reserve one of our lab puppies for sale, we ask for a deposit of $250.00. This entitles you to a pick from the UK Lab litter you are interested in. At the time of deposit, you choose a male or female pup and whether you prefer black or yellow coloring. We base the order of pick on the order the deposits are received.

Current and upcoming litter information is available on our blog and Facebook page.

Is my Deposit Refundable?

If you have a deposit on a specific litter and a pup of your gender and color choice is not available, you may select from another upcoming litter of our hunting labs or we will refund your deposit.

When do I Select My Puppy? Will You Pick for Me?

Once the litter is whelped, we notify you of the date for puppy selection, generally when the lab puppies are about six weeks of age.  If you are not able to visit Wild Slough, LLC, on the scheduled date, we will select a puppy for you based on the qualities you are looking for.  At this point, we will have spent significant time with the litter and will be able to describe each pup’s physical characteristics and personality traits.

When Can I Pick Up My Wild Slough Lab Puppy?

Our Labrador Retriever pups typically go home between 49 and 56 days old, unless you have reserved a starter dog, which will stay with us for obedience and gun dog hunting training.  We prefer your pick-up day to be a Friday to allow you and your puppy time to bond over the weekend before you return to work on Monday.

What Do I Need to Do to Make a Successful Transition Into My Home?

It is wise to puppy proof your home before your pup arrives. Be aware of placement of electrical cords, plants, shoes, toys or anything that could hurt your pup or be easily damaged.

We recommend feeding your lab puppy three times a day. Developing a consistent feeding schedule will help with house training. Puppies need to eliminate frequently and often have a bowel movement shortly after eating. We encourage you to continue feeding your puppy a premium dry kibble. If you plan to change foods, do so slowly and follow the instructions on the bag. This will help to lessen the chances of upsetting the British Lab puppy’s digestive tract. 

A crate is a very helpful tool in house training. As a general rule your puppy can safely be left in a crate the number of hours equal to its age in months plus one for the first year. For example, if your lab puppy is two months old, it should not be confined for more than 3 hours without relieving himself. Monitoring water intake before bedtime is also a good idea.

What Is Wild Slough’s Puppy Guarantee?

At Wild Slough, LLC, we assure you will receive your AKC register applicable British Labrador puppy in a healthy condition. Your puppy will never be affected with PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy), Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) or Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM), a hereditary Myopathy of the Labrador Retriever.

In the event a Lab puppy is diagnosed with genetic hip dysplasia by the OFA or affected with PRA, EIC or CNM, we will gladly provide you with a replacement puppy. We require the condition to be verified by our veterinarian and also require proof the dog has been spayed or neutered and was registered with the AKC using the Wild Slough name. We offer this refund policy until your dog is 26 months old. For this guarantee to be applicable, Wild Slough, LLC, requires your veterinarian give your new puppy a complete physical no later than one week from the pick-up date. Our guarantee becomes void if the dog has been bred or used as a stud.

What Kinds of Health Testing Does Wild Slough Conduct?

We strive to breed healthy British Lab puppies. To ensure you receive a dog with the highest quality of health, we perform the following genetic tests:

  • EIC
  • PRA
  • CNM
  • OFA of hips and elbows
  • CERF

For additional information on our guarantee or for answers to other questions about our puppies or Labrador training, contact Wild Slough’s owner, Jim Staupe, at 612-327-2898 or via e-mail.



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