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Introduction to Bird and Gun

The Introduction to Bird and Gun is a 2 week long program in which your pup must be 5 months or older. The program provides the fundamentals necessary to build a strong foundation and development of the natural hunting instincts your pup was bred for.

Throughout the program your pup will be retrieving dead birds, clipped wing birds, and live birds. While your pup is enjoying chasing and retrieving birds we add in the different firearms ranging from a starter pistol to a 12 gauge shotgun creating a positive gun and bird relationship. Your pup will be on a checkcord to encourage their natural retrieve.


This 4 to 6 week program is a must have for dogs 6 months of age and older. It is designed to lay the ground work for future training and provide your dog with the skills needed to be an obedient family hunting companion while on a leash. In addition to Here, Kennel, Down, and the Sit/Stay command, your dog will be able to walk and heel at your side without pulling on the leash.

  Retriever Gundog Training  

Typically 2 - 4 months in length - We customize your dog's training program to fit their specific needs.

Not all dogs work and learn at the same pace.

Program Goals:

  • Emphasis on getting your 6 months of age or older pup ready for the first season of hunting waterfowl and upland game. The dog will be working on retrieving, delivery to hand, and obedience training.

  • Formal obedience

  • Marked retrieves

  • Hunting, quartering, flushing in the field

  • Introduce the hold command

  • Marked retrieves in the water (depending on weather)

Wild Slough values the health and safety of all the pets under our care, we require a copy of your dogs current vaccination record prior to your dog starting the training program.

Distemper Combo

* Parvo Virus

* Adenovirus or Hepatitis

* Parainfluenza


Bordetella - recommended every 6 months, but no less than 1 year. * Must be give at least 48 hours before arrival.

Yearly heartworm check if we are to medicate.

Your dog will be housed in our indoor temperature controlled kennel facility.



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