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British Labs

British Labrador Puppies for Sale | Wild Slough Breeders in Minnesota

At Wild Slough Breeders, in Minnesota, we breed, sell and train British Lab puppies for beloved family companions and outstanding hunting partners. Our lab pups, selectively bred from proven bloodlines out of the United Kingdom and Ireland, are available for sale nationwide. For more information or to reserve one of our British Labrador puppies for sale, please call, Jim Staupe, owner of Wild Slough, LLC, at 612-327-2898 or send us an e-mail.

Understanding British Labrador Retrievers

With more than ten years of experience breeding and training British Labs, we have come to realize the importance of potential owners understanding the dog your pup will grow to be before you have an adorable, but sometimes taxing puppy in your home.

Wild Slough British Labs are an ideal hunting and family dog. Their intelligence, calm temperament, and outgoing nature make them the perfect choice active American families. Our black and yellow lab puppies are referred to as “Field Bred Labs”, meaning they have been selectively bred to do their job of retrieving for over two hundred of years,  valuing traits such as natural game finding ability, retrieving desire,  soft mouth, calm temperament and trainability.

The History of Labrador Retrievers

Contrary to popular belief, the Labrador Retriever did not come from the island of Labrador, but from Newfoundland instead. Small water dogs in this area were bred with Newfoundlands, producing a new breed of dog originally known as a St. John’s Water Dog. In the early eighteen hundreds, the British Earl of Malmebury imported a St. John’s Water Dog and affectionately called it his “Labrador”.

The breed eventually died out in Newfoundland, with many labs being interbred with other types of retrievers, but the name stuck. The Labrador Retriever was first recognized as a distinct breed by The Kennel Club (KC) in 1903, but pedigrees of today’s UK puppies can be traced back as far as 1878. In 1917, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recorded the first registration of Labradors, paving the way for an influx of British dogs, which formed the pedigree of today’s Americanized version of the British Lab.

British Labs and American Labs

British Labs and American Labs are both Labrador Retrievers in genetic make-up. Both British and American labs can make excellent hunting dogs and family pets, but an apparent difference now exists between the two lines. American field bred Labs are simply amazing, mechanical, high energy athletes capable of managing extreme long distance pin point marked retrieves and frequently complete 300 yard laser precision blind retrieves.

These qualities make the American Labs a perfect fit for the ultra-competitive U.S. field trials and highly technical Super Retriever Series and the high-end AKC Hunt Test game where the handler has an equal, if not more important role than their hunting retriever dog. These exciting, high-tech dogs are the major contributors to the American field bred Labrador Retriever line.

British Labs are generally suited for marked retrieves which occur in actual hunting situations with handlers guiding their dog to the area of fallen or wounded game. British Labs are encouraged and evaluated on the use of natural hunting ability used to locate and retrieve game rather than be mechanically steered by their handler. This major difference in working tests and field trials, forces UK breeders to evaluate their breeding prospects with a different set of criteria, resulting in the current British field bred Labradors being perfectly suited for both hunting and family life here in the United States.

At Wild Slough Breeders, in Minnesota, our dogs have pedigrees from the UK and are bred to exhibit physical and personality attributes more suitable to the average American hunter. Our recommended gun dog hunting training techniques and obedience training for Labradors focuses on creating a devoted family companion as well as a hard-working field dog.

If you are interested in one of our lab pups or would like to learn more about our Labrador training programs, please call at 612-327-2898 or contact Wild Slough, LLC, via e-mail.


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