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Wild Slough Minnesota Breeders | Lab Puppies for Sale

At Wild Slough, LLC, we breed British Labrador pups with proven bloodlines that can be traced back to early British and Irish Labs. Our top-quality UK puppies make perfect family pets as well as superior hunting companions. For more information, contact Jim Staupe, owner, via e-mail or by calling 612-327-2898.

Reserving a British Labrador Pup

A deposit of $250.00 is required to reserve a Lab pup. Your name will be placed on the list in the order the deposit was received. You will need to indicate your preference for male or female and black or yellow coloring. Wild Slough, LLC, will send a receipt of deposit for you records.

Information on current Lab puppies for sale and up-coming litters can be found on our Wild Slough Minnesota breeder’s blog or on our Facebook page.


Choosing Your British Lab Puppy

Knowing your reserved lab pup has been whelped is very exciting. We understand you are anxious to see the newest member of your family as soon as possible. However, visitors are typically prohibited from interacting with a newborn litter because the pups have yet to be vaccinated and are extremely susceptible to various illnesses.

When the British Lab puppies are approximately six weeks old, you will be allowed to visit and choose your pup by the order of your reservation. By this time, the pups have developed some characteristics that are good indicators on temperament, bird desire and overall size.

Picking Up Your New Labrador Puppy

As a rule, we do not let pups leave the litter before they are at least seven weeks old. Generally pups will go home between seven and eight weeks of age. We normally schedule your pick-up day on a Friday.  In the event you have chosen one of our specialized Lab training programs, your pup may stay with us for obedience training for Labradors and dog hunting training or return at six months of age for hunting instruction.

We do ship puppies, by arrangement, throughout the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. For shipping to take place British Lab puppies must be at least eight weeks old.

  Ensuring a Healthy Lab Puppy

Producing healthy lab puppies with natural hunting ability is our main goal. We believe testing is one of the most important things we can do to ensure you receive a healthy puppy. All of the breeding stock owned by Wild Slough, LLC, has most comprehensive health testing in the business at the time of breeding. Each British Lab puppy is also checked beyond what is needed to secure a health certificate. Genetic testing at Wild Slough, LLC, includes:
  • EIC
  • OFA
  • CERF
  • Optigen-PRA
  •  Labrador CNM

The Wild Slough Guarantee

At Wild Slough, LLC, we strive to produce healthy puppies free of genetic defects. In the unlikely event your puppy cannot obtain an OFA rating of fair, good or excellent or has been diagnosed "affected" with CNM, EIC, or PRA by 26 months of age we will provide a similar replacement pup when it becomes available.

For answers to additional questions about Wild Slough British Labs, visit our FAQ  section, call 612-327-2898 or send us an e-mail.



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