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Ami - Rocket X Brin 2010


We are sorry we have not sent you any update on Ami yet.  However we would like to let you know how much we are enjoying her as a new member to our family.  We could not be more pleased with her.  She is swimming like a fish, starting basic retrieving and the list goes on and on.  We are constantly getting complements on her temperament, listening skills, and how great of a dog she is. I cannot wait to take her hunting.   We love how much of a people dog Ami is, she does excellent with kids, especially our nieces.  We also have attached some photos, please feel free to use as you would like.  We would like to thank you again, and hope all is well with you and your family. 

The Very Best, Ami, Bianca and Ryan-


Ruby - Archie X Brin 2008

We noticed that CBee and Rocket are proud parents...Congratulations! How is everyone doing? How many females and males are in the litter? How many are spoken for? Ruby ("Pink" from Brin x Archie) is doing great. She is sweet, fun-loving and is interested in anything and everything around the house. She could care less about stealing "people food" but has munched on boots, remote controls, laptop keys, a leather couch, office chairs, beach towels and blankets to name a few. In addition, she has ripped off dry wall, pulled up carpet and can unravel a roll of toilet paper with the best of them. Despite some of her "interests", she has been a great addition to our family! Thank you!. Her training is coming along nicely and she continues to show signs of being a promising hunter :) (Keith may contact you at a later date about training her for hunting.) When you have a minute, we would love to know how Brin and "Orange" are doing.

Take care, Laura & Keith


Lucy Brin - Baker X Brin 2007

We love our lab Lucy Brin. We have been very pleased with her since we got her from Wild Slough in 2007. We were given Jim and Amy's name in our initial search for a lab breeder by another breeder. We are so glad another breeder was out of puppies and referred us to Wild Slough. We would recommend Jim and Amy's Wild Slough to anyone seeking a well mannered, gentle and smart British Labrador. Lucy is a family dog, great with our kids, but I can tell she would make a great hunting dog and retriever.

Best of luck in your Lab search and feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.

Doug, Maria, Cameron, & Charlotte

Roxie - Rocket X CBee 2009

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that the puppy we picked up from you last February is a wonderful dog!  "Roxie" has been progressing with her hunting skills, and the game farm I am training her at, Badgerland Pheasant Farm, is impressed with how calm and easy to train she is.

My family is also impressed, and my father in law has decided to get a British Lab to replace his chocolate lab of 13 years.  Will you have any puppies or started dogs ready this spring?  I have attached him to this email, and his information is listed below.


Mark & Jenny

Gabe - Rocket x Bella 2010

I just wanted tell you about Mack. He retrieved his first duck a few weeks ago. It was obvious that he has natural hunting ability. He needed a little help going after the first duck, it was a blind retrieve. Once he was in the water he was on that bird. I attached a pic of his first three duck retrieves. He is an intelligent and obedient dog. The guy I was hunting with is convinced that Mack is a great dog, and I know he is probably going to be calling you when he starts looking for his next dog. Mack has met and exceeded my expectations, and he continues to be a great dog.

Are you expecting any litters soon? Talk to you later-



Gunner - Rocket x Brin 2009

What a joy Gunner has been to our household! From the moment we saw him as a roly-poly pup with a collar of red yarn, we knew he'd be a great fit. Indeed, he has proven easy to train, eager to please and delivered pounds of personality. He's also a source of good-humor, preferring to lie on his back while he sleeps, with his front legs stretched stiffly out in front…as if caught in mid-stride after a pheasant. Gunner's passion has been evident from the beginning, and he is developing the self-confidence to be a great hunting asset in the field. His second-ever retrieve saw him break eight feet of ice to get to open water. Many people have inquired about his parentage and where we found him – with at least one family already getting another puppy from you. We will continue to recommend you and are extremely happy with our Wild Slough relationship.

Best regards, Gene and Sylvia




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